Behind the Lens

“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.

— Dorothea Lang 
1895 – 1965 

Currently based out of Central Florida, Rose R. Anduxar is a portrait, fashion, and fine arts photographer. Rose's fine arts work focuses on the potential to transform a set and a subject visually with emotions and intrigue as a premise. This style creates stunning images that also expand to her work in fashion editorials, portraiture, and commercial projects.  

She developed her love for photography as a child through hundreds of amazing prints left behind by her grandfather. He was an avid photographer by trade and he never missed the opportunity to create amazing work. It wasn't until later in life, however, that her love for this particular art form evolved into what it is today. 

Vogue Italia
Title: Ready
Model: Christina Sarras
Concept: Rose R. Anduxar

Coming Soon!
Generation X: Unplugged
By: Rose R. Anduxar
Model: Syndel

Frida Vibes
Homeage to Frida Kahlo
Model: Stephanie Jerez
HMUAS: Rose R. Anduxar/Denise Sierra
Set Design: Rose R. Anduxar/Denise Sierra

Web Advertorial for 
The Woody Brand 
Concept: Rose R. Anduxar

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