Family Photography Series: Children

Six Tips for Parents! 

1. The best time for a session is always very early in the morning when the children have the most energy.  Before or after nap time is never a good idea. Sunset is also never a good idea. If you live in Florida, the coolest time of the day is early morning. By late afternoon everyone is sweating after the first pose, and sweat is something that never looks good on photos. 
2. Breakfast, snacks, and water are important. Please make sure that your child is well fed and hydrated. Photo shoots can get to be very tiring and children will get cranky when their tummies start rumbling. 
3. Consider comfort. We all want our children to look wonderfully dressed for the family portrait, but if the child is uncomfortable with what they are wearing they will be less likely to smile for photos. 
4. All photographers should plan ahead with their clients. Poses are important! Speak to your child about the shoot a day or two ahead. Let them know what to expect and even have fun practicing poses with them. Often times this truly helps, and it makes them feel more at ease in front of the camera. 
5. Don’t be afraid of lifestyle sessions! Candid poses are the best! Often times parents stress so much over whether their child is smiling, that they themselves forget to smile. Enjoy the moment and have fun with your children. Play with them. Laugh with them. They will respond to YOU! Often times candid images turn out to be the client’s favorite. 
6. Leave everything ready the night before the session. When you stress, your child stresses. That is never good for photos. 

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